It happened today – 19 June

It happened today - 19 June

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On 19th June 2005, the United States Grand Prix was held at Indianapolis. In qualifying, pole went to Jarno Trulli in the Toyota, while in the F2005, Michael Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello were fifth and seventh. There had been some heavy crashes, especially for Ralf Schumacher and it became clear to Michelin they had brought unsuitable tyres here that wore out quickly and were therefore dangerous.

The French tyre supplier asked for the track to be modified so that the corner that made use of the legendary banked oval used for the Indy 500 was not taken flat out. However, the FIA stuck to the rules and no changes were made. Therefore, in the race, all the Michelin drivers pitted and retired at the end of the formation lap leaving just the Bridgestone runners on the grid, Ferrari, Jordan and Minardi.

Clearly, the race was not exactly exciting. The crowd, already not exactly great lovers of Formula 1, were not impressed to see just six cars running and even tossed cans onto the track. Schumacher and Barrichello fought it out between themselves at the time of the pit stops, but in the end, the German came out on top. It was win 84 for Schumacher, the 183rd for Ferrari, the seventieth one-two finish. Joining the Ferrari duo on the podium was Jordan’s Tiago Vagaroso Monteiro, the first time a Portuguese driver had stood on an F1 podium.

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