It happened today – 7 May

It happened today - 7 May

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On 7th May 2006, the Nurburgring hosted the European Grand Prix. Fastest in qualifying was Fernando Alonso in the Renault, while alongside him was Michael Schumacher in the 248F1. After the start, the German had to settle in behind the Spaniard and the race turned into a long procession with virtually no overtaking. However, when Alonso pitted, Schumacher put the hammer down and from lap 36 to 39 he put on a masterclass, banging in quickest laps on shot tyres with a free track ahead of him. The seven times world champion thus built up a big enough lead to come out ahead of the Renault after his own stop.

There was nothing Alonso could do about this display of class from Schumacher, who once he had the lead, managed to make the most of the 248 F1, pulling away from the Spaniard. In turn, Alonso had to fend off the other Ferrari, which as from this year, was in the hands of Felipe Massa. At the line, Schumacher took his 86th win, giving Ferrari its 185th. He finished 3.751 ahead of Alonso and 4.447 in front of Massa.

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