It happened today – 18 april

It happened today – 18 april

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On 18th April 1959, the Aintree 200 Miles race was held in England, as a non-championship event, run over 67 laps of the 4.828 kilometre track. The total distance was therefore 323.476 kilometres. Ferrari entered two 246 F1s for local hero Tony Brooks and Frenchman Jean Behra.

The race produced a great three way fight between the two Ferraris and New Zealander Bruce McLaren in the Cooper, and they soon pulled out a huge lead over the rest of the field. However, by the end, it was Jean Behra who won, beating Brooks by a whisker, while McLaren had to settle for third.

From fourth place on it was all very close, with Franco-Brazilian Hermano Da Silva Ramos missing out on the podium, although he was no less than four laps down.

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