It happened today – 27 March

It happened today - 27 march

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The 1994 World Championship got underway on 27 March in Brazil. Ferrari was there off the back of three less than satisfactory seasons and there was a real sense of expectation about the new championship. Jean Alesi did well in qualifying and got his Ferrari 412 T1 into third place on the grid, which meant he had a real hope of a podium finish. In the race, it seemed that Senna, on his debut with Williams, was about to dominate the race. Indeed, the Brazilian led to the pit stops, when he was passed by a rising star, the German Michael Schumacher, who had already won two races at the wheel of the Benetton.

Alesi was fourth up until Senna retired, spinning out on cold tyres in pursuit of Schumacher. The Brazilian’s retirement promoted Jean to a podium position, the third place, which he dedicated to the fans, promising them that Ferrari would be back on winning form that year. The Frenchman was true to his word, but only after a fashion, as when the win came in Germany, it was courtesy of the other Maranello driver, Gerhard Berger.

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