It happened today – 15 March

It happened today – 15 March

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On 15 March 2011 Ferrari won the Randstad Award. Why? Because it was the company most Italians would like to work for, coming out with 69% of the vote. The Maranello marque also took the Randstad Globe for the values it had when it came to the criteria for attraction.

The criteria used in assigning the award valued the effectiveness of the means of developing and communicating its image so as to make the company attractive for its employees both current and potential. Forming the basis of the decision was a study carried out by the ICMA institute, which had polled the opinion of 7000 potential employees, between the ages of 18 and 65, on 150 companies active in 14 different product sectors.

What made Ferrari stand out was the competence of its management, a high level of training, interesting work, financial stability, future prospects, high salary, enjoyable working atmosphere and stability in the workplace.

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