It happened today – 13 March

It happened today

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On 13 March 1983, the Brazilian GP marked the start of the season, held at Rio de Janeiro’s Jacarepagua circuit. It was a rather complicated race for Ferrari. In qualifying, Patrick Tambay was third, just two tenths off pole, set by reigning world champion, Keke Rosberg in the Williams. Rene Arnoux, in the other 126C2 B, could do no better than sixth.

The race was dominated by Nelson Piquet in the Brabham, after he went into the lead on lap 7, while Tambay, who had got a bad start, had to follow. Ahead of the Parisian in his Ferrari come the end of the race were the aforementioned Brabham, the two Williams and Niki Lauda in the McLaren.

After the race, Rosberg was disqualified for having been pushed in the pit lane, but the stewards did not change the order, which meant Tambay was still fifth while Arnoux was down in tenth. This quiet start to the season gave no indication that, come the end of the year, the Scuderia would win the Constructors’ title for an eighth time.

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