It happened today – 18 February

It happened today – 18 February

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Today’s is a special edition of this column, because, born on 18th February, 116 years ago was the man who, thanks to his determination, his genius and his ability to always look ahead, established the legend which continues to grow today: Enzo Ferrari.

In fact, today the Museo Casa Natale Enzo Ferrari, the museum in the home where he was born, has been reopened, as explained to, by the son of the Founder and Vice President of the company, Piero Ferrari. “I am particularly pleased that his birthday coincides with the reopening of the Museum, on the spot where my father was born and which is now run by the company he created.”

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  • Rastislav Mahdal

    Enzo,ubehlo už 116 rokov a aj ja si Ťa stále pripomínam a najviac v tento deň…,a aj u nás svieti dnes slnko !!!