Applause on the web too for California T

Applause on the web too for California T

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Maranello, 14 February – The latest arrival from Maranello, the California T, has had a very warm welcome. That’s not just from the specialists and the usual media, but above all it’s from the general public who have been on-line, hunting for the first photos of the car on the pages of Over 50,000 visited the part of the site dedicated to the new V8, with a spike of over four times the usual daily average making a total of over 200,000 page hits. No surprises when it came to the countries that showed the most interest: first is the USA, followed by Italy and Great Britain. Exotic curios? What about the person who clicked on the link from the island of Guam or the surfer in Lesotho…

Around 20% of the traffic on the California T site was generated by the Prancing Horse’s presence on social media. The hashtag #californiat took just two days to go over the 6.6 million mark on Twitter, while the company’s Facebook page doubled its average weekly audience. Very significant is the fact that 30% of the 200,000 plus views of the video dedicated to the preview came from China’s social network Weibo, confirming the popularity of the mark in this part of the world, which is now the second largest Ferrari market.

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  • seever

    nice car

  • Rastislav Mahdal

    Bravóóóóóóó´´ FERRARI…,!!!

  • chris Tsaleras

    pls send me news

  • Dr. Kuno Eberhard Pepinski

    Der Ferrari California setzt würdevoll und mit Esprit die mythische Ausstralung dieser Marke fort.
    Und: Wir alle beten, dass es Schumi bald wieder gut geht. Viel Glück, lieber Michael. <3

  • John A Guthrie

    This revision is SO much better! Looks, performance, just right!

  • Uwe Wauker

    perfekt, sehr gelungen, das ist….. Ferrari

  • andre deabreau

    wow that’s why I am working to open Business to own an have one a beautiful