Green and gold magic in Maranello

Green and gold magic in Maranello

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Maranello, 27 January –They no longer have fellow countryman Felipe Massa to talk to here, but they still have plenty of friends in Maranello. Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite and Robson de Souza, better known as Kakà and Robinho, visited Ferrari today just off the back of their last gasp win yesterday afternoon when Milan played in Cagliari.

The Brazilians got a warm reception and not just from Milan fans when they visited various areas of the company, including Nuova Meccanica, the Tailor Made department and the V8 and V12 assembly lines. They were impressed not just with the cars they saw but also with the atmosphere in which they are built.

“Ferraris are always the most beautiful cars I have ever seen and I am really happy to get this firsthand look at where they are made,” Robinho told “It’s fantastic to be here,” added Kakà. “It’s a beautiful factory, unique in the world and I am pleased to have been able to see it for myself. It was also very nice to be given such a warm reception from the people who met us: it’s clear that, thanks to Rubens and Felipe, we Brazilians have made a good impression here in Maranello.”

The red and black champion also mentioned the special times that his country will go through in the space of two years, as it hosts the football World Cup and the Olympic Games: “It’s definitely something special to have both the World Cup and the Olympics in Brazil,” he said. “We hope they will go very well, not just in sports terms but especially in terms of the growth of the country and its people.”

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  • DwayneI

    My two favorite Brazil footballers. Wish them the best, and hope they participate in World Cup 2014, won’t be the same without them.