Recall the Auto Avio 815 at the Maranello Museum

Recall the Auto Avio 815 at the Maranello Museum

Maranello, 9 December

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On Wednesday 11 December at 17h30, the Ferrari Museum in Maranello will hold a presentation for the book, “La Prima corsa di Enzo Ferrari,” (Enzo Ferrari’s first race) written by Gian Paolo Maini. Also present apart from the author, will be the Vicepresident of the Maranello marque and son of the Founder, Piero Ferrari and Claudio Rangoni Machiavelli, grandson of the marquis Lotario, the other protagonist of the volume edited by Imprimatur.

The book tells the story of one of the two examples of the Auto Avio 815, the first car built by Enzo Ferrari. Owned by Mario Righini, the 815 is the only one of the two cars still in existence, having been built in 1940 and which took part in that year’s Mille Miglia, driven in fact by the marquis Rangoni Machiavelli. The presentation will be hosted by Antonio Ghini, the director of the Museum.

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