It happened today – 13 December

It happened today

13th December 2012

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On 13th December 2012, the English weekly magazine “Autosport,” produced a table of the top ten Formula 1 drivers as voted for by the team principals. It was pretty much a vote of support for Fernando Alonso, who came out on top with 269 points, no less than 71 more than second placed Sebastian Vettel. Even without the 25 points from Stefano Domenicali, the points being allocated in the same way as the Formula 1 race table, the man from Oviedo would still have won. Apart from Domenicali, a further eight team principals had Alonso down as the best driver of the season, which thus repeated the outcome of 2010. Naturally, Fernando, Ferrari and all their fans around the world would have preferred to have won the world titles in both those years, but recognition from the close circle of true insiders is always pleasing.

For the record, it was yesterday that “Autosport” published the 2013 list. Predictably enough, Vettel was first ahead of Fernando, even if the difference between the two, only 35 points, 248 to 213, is a mark of recognition for the Spaniard given how the season went on track.

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