“Journey of Sound” arrives in Hamburg

Journey of Sound

“Journey of Sound” arrives in Hamburg

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Yesterday, after a recording session ended at the AIR Lyndhurst Studios in London, today the “Journey of Sound” caravan set off across the Channel and headed for Hamburg, where the final event takes place: tomorrow, the Emporio Tower, a short distance from Indra, the club where the Beatles first played Europe on 17 August on 1960, hosts a concert featuring the five artists who took part in the journey – Kate Nash, Jonas & the Massive Attraction, Natalie McCool, Jamie No Commons and the band WILHELM TELL ME.

The delights of the city in the north of Germany and its surroundings, including Hanseatic gems such as Lubeck, are all the more enjoyable if they are seen from the other star of this journey alongside the music, namely the Ferrari FF.

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