It happened today – 9 September

575 GTC

On the 9 September 2003, the 575 GTC was launched at the Frankfurt International Motor Show.

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On the 9 September 2003, the 575 GTC was launched at the Frankfurt International Motor Show. Based on the 575M Maranello and developed by the Ferrari Corse Clienti department in conjunction with N.Technology, the car was destined to race in the FIA GT Championship and in other series of the same category. When compared to the road going version, the 575 GTC brought out its strong points and was also modified to meet the series regulations and comply with usual track requirements.

The capacity of the 65° V12 engine had been increased to 5,997 cc and it put out a maximum of 600 cv, even with the double restrictor required by the FIA regulations. It boasted a six speed sequential gearbox, linked to a triple disc carbon clutch. The bodywork was lightened thanks to the use of composite materials and featured interesting aerodynamic parts. The front spoiler profile was split in two and fitted with a Gurney flap and the design of the floor, which complied with FIA rules and featured a rear extractor, came as a result of long hours of evaluation in the wind tunnel. The chassis was made from a steel tubed trellis, while the suspension is of the double wishbone variety with adjustable anti-dive. An increase in the size of brakes, with auto-cooling discs and a widened track were other significant characteristics of the car.

The 575 GTC won on its racing debut one month later at Estoril, with Fabio Babini and Philipp Peter at the wheel, in a race counting towards the FIA GT championship. Among other victories on its track record are the FIA GT race at Donington in 2004 (Wendlinger-Melo) and the European Hill Climb Championship in 2007 and 2008, both won by Leo Isolani.

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