Big changes afoot? Not for Ferrari

Self-driving cars

Self-driving cars will do people with a passion for cars that need to be driven a favour We’re all used to going out to the garage, jumping in our car and driving wherever we want. After that we might find it difficult to locate a parking spot or traffic might …

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Self-driving cars will do people with a passion for cars that need to be driven a favour

We’re all used to going out to the garage, jumping in our car and driving wherever we want. After that we might find it difficult to locate a parking spot or traffic might be very heavy so that we’re doing a lot of time-wasting stopping and starting, and so forth. This is just stuff that happens to us all when we drive.
But now we’re hearing more and more talk of self-driving cars. You just get and they can drive you wherever you want to go, chose the most traffic-free routes and even park. It’s not science fiction either even though it’s still difficult to believe that reality is just around the corner.
Let’s try to imagine that unavoidable future reality for a moment. What will remain of the cars of today? I personally am not convinced that either the Ferrari collectors who buy hugely valuable cars at auction or ordinary enthusiasts that just love to drive, will want to give up the pleasures of cars as we know them.
It’s refreshing to think that in a world in which everything will be computer-controlled and smooth-running, certain cars and people will still fuel the same passion that has given individual transport vehicles a unique allure since the start of the last century. Will cars become a hobby? Maybe. People who chose to drive will enjoy the same pleasures as a surfer or a skier, a motorbike rider or a runner. Clearly, certain marques and models will hold sway over others in that regard. But one thing of which we are certain is Ferrari will always top the wish lists of individuals who, like so many of us, will continue to view the car as the most beautiful human invention of all.

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  • big jon

    Wow, that’s a huge non-article!

  • Bruno

    that is the car of google :)

  • Andy Cohen

    This article doesn’t really bring about any arguments or viewpoints at all? How about this though… Autonomous cars will bring with it legislative changes. Don’t be surprised to see insurers raising premiums for “self-driving” or it becoming illegal to “take control of a car from a computer” on the public road. The world of driving, as the us petrolheads know it, is being taken away little by little.

  • Aleksander Hoff

    Scary thought.. for me, it is probably one of the most pleasurable things I do in life.. not being allowed to drive would make me hate my life just a bit more.

  • Peter Pottinger

    Never say never ;) I predict a complete turn around in 3 .. 2 … 1

    Anyways, technology changes society, 100 years ago there were no cars, 50 years ago there were no planes, 10 years ago there were no smartphones.

    Yes, Ferrari will put self-driving technology into their cars. Its novelty factor will be irresistible to the rich, and offer life-style improvements undreamt of before its inception.

    Watch the classic movie, demolition man. There is a manual mode, but using it will quickly ostracize you from society.

  • Peter Pottinger

    p.s. i ride a bike, you cagers can stick to your self-driving boxes on wheels ;)

  • Anonymous

    Highlighting the sentence that doesn’t make sense and not fixing it doesn’t make sense.

  • Zeppi Bauer

    In my opinion, Ferrari already is building cars that drive themselves. There is so much technology in modern exotic cars that the driver is being eliminated from the equation. Bring back the manual transmission, the mark of a true driver’s car. I guarantee that if you built a MT 458 Italia (take the MT from the F430 for example) and had any half decent automotive journalist compare it to a regular 458, the MT would come out on top, even if it was slightly slower. Who cares about being able to accelerate in the blink of an eye if the car is boring! Maybe I’m just old school at heart but flappy paddles are the death of the driver IMO.

  • dominik028

    the same situation with future classic cars, most of classic cars are know at least 30 years,they were made in golden years of motorisation. We are running petrol for 100 years , but I’ve got some doubts if we will be running it in 2050. That’s why I’m thinking that youngtimer don’t have any chance to became a real classic. The same with driver EU will eliminate us frome behind a wheel beacause most of us are to dangerous, and we we are making to much co2 when driving with passion.

  • b0t0d ski

    a like to drive manually…andrenalin rush..thats whats driving to me.

  • Nathan Bentley

    Cars like the Fiorano and the LaFerrari with more and more computer components jacked into them to help slow people drive fast kind of fly in the face of this argument don’t you think?

  • Jens Otto Buur

    Correction – we have had cars for almost 125 years and planes for more than 100 years

  • dominik028

    Paddle shift gearbox its not do bad but when you think about all this electronic helper its a disaster abs esp …and a lot off other acronims… Tragedy…in one word:-)

  • mph club

    If anyone wants to know what driving a Ferrari is like, or why this article explains that people who have driven them won’t want to give up the wheel, check out mph club™ for exotic car rentals. Experience a Ferrari and you will understand this article a little more.

  • Robert

    Haha, that’s crazy. :) As crazy as it was when I was driving a car from . I overtook a car like this and I thought I’m drunk or poisoned. :D