I drove the simulator and feel ready for the track

Pistunzen loses his head and wants to join Alonso and Massa

Estimated reading time: 1 minute

I must admit I blushed a little when the simulator technician tucked the cushion behind my back to help me reach the steering wheel and the pedals. It’s not often that you see Pistunzen behind the wheel, I can tell you! When you’re inside the engine, someone else does the driving! However, I actually felt like a real driver after my stint in the simulator: the most thrilling part is when you accelerate and you feel the car really sticking to the track like a bit of chewing gum. The faster you go, the harder it sticks.

Then there are the complications you have to look out for: when get to the end of the straight at Monza at 320 km/h and you have to brake down to 70 for a chicane, you can get a bit confused. But after a few laps you pick it up and ask yourself: how come Alonso and Massa want to get paid to have this much fun? I would be ready to shell out my own cash to do their job (if only I did it better)…

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