Ghosts behind the wheel

Well, I’m still here. I deserve a telling off but I thought I should point out a thought-provoking fact: in 10 years’ time, there will be cars that drive themselves so you can just sit there and be driven, catch up on your work or whatever you like…

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You’ll probably counter that not much will change for a Pistunzen like me. That’s where you’d be wrong. How would you like to be answering to an over-excited driver demanding more horsepower or cutting off your fuel to brake in a hurry?
That whole scenario worries me a little. Sure, Ferraris will always be driven. But where will it all end? Will we end up racing in cars driven by ghosts?

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  • Boy Belieber

    perhaps this article not make any sense

  • Pete Atkinson

    I’m a truck driver, and spend ten to twelve hours a day plying my trade on the highways around greater Boston (Massachusetts). Given the number of times that I catch my breath, or have my heart leap into my throat on any given day, I have to tell you that the average driver in Massachusetts would benefit greatly from riding in a fully automated vehicle. A self driving vehicle would free these distracted idiots up to do more important things than driving, such as texting, surfing the web, checking FB, getting stoned/drunk, etc. The more safety features that cars have, the worse the drivers behave.

  • Anonymous

    I saw it on my car. It’s just a mirror of clouds.

  • Paul Schofield

    I agree with you. I have noticed all these new cars with all these safety stuff on them and they still crash there cars, How. when all this stuff on ya car supposed to help stop people losing control of your

  • Excitable Boy

    Ban the automatic transmisson, and make ALL steering wheels have a 6″ steel spike pointing out of the center. Ta-da! NO ONE EVER WRECKS A CAR AGAIN!

  • Milton

    Its not really a ghost, that is the Google Self Driving car. Once you get past the fact that it is a Toyota Prius, it is pretty awesome!
    I love driving my cars, but if this gets distracted drivers to stop driving, then who do I make the blank check out to???

  • wes

    that ‘s google car because she has the automatic pilot.

  • blue


  • Dave Chapman

    i bet that the driver is some knobhead that was on facebook with their iphone and dropped the phone on the floor! bent down to pick it up!………….. oops i just dropped my phone while doing 110mph…… better pick it up…… if i speed up a bit it won’t take so long…… ah got it…… why have all those cars crashed behind me……. i wish people would concentrate…