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Tuscany, with its treasures, vineyards and splendid tracks is the venue for Cavalcade 2013. The first edition, in June this year, attracted people from around the world, proving that a cocktail of driving, magnificent venues and warm hospitality is a great formula. This 2012 photo album is a taster of other events to come that will take participants to various Italian regions, waiting to be discovered

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Italy is a truly special place, boasting many attractions and surprises, some expected and some unexpected. Cavalcade is inspired by these two sides of Italy: welcome surprises include the success of Ferrari in bringing together its most loyal and passionate clients in an event dedicated to them in places which are part of motorsport history, like the tracks at Imola, Fiorano and Mugello, and the Piazza della Signoria in Florence, transformed for the first time into an open-air museum.

‘The snaking trail of cars taking part in the event prompted plenty of curious looks’

If these were welcome surprises, expected and made even more special because they wereexperienced with one’s own Ferrari, there were also many, equally welcome, unexpected surprises.
The snaking trail of cars taking part in the event prompted plenty of curious looks, possibly because the various national flags on their bodywork meant that some people thought it must be something to do with the Olympics. The participants enjoyed plenty of surprises: from the small town of Lugo, home of World War I pilot Francesco Baracca and of the Cavallino emblem, adapted from the Baracca family coat of arms, to the beautiful roads across the Apennines, to Bologna, a city which may seem difficult to explore but, once discovered, is easy to fall in love with.
The 2013 Cavalcade will be planned around this very particularly Italian experience, but this time concentrated in Tuscany. However, while the roads and locations may differ, the spirit will remain the same and the organisation be even more perfect.

Tuscany, home to the great wine producers, their mansions and ancient cellars; Tuscan art, with Renaissance masterpieces adorning not just Florence, but also Siena, Pisa and many other places that are even unfamiliar to many Italians.
And then driving, not only out on the track, but also along the extraordinary “toboggan” run, lined with cypress and olive trees and wheat fields, that pushes on up to the slopes of Mount Amiata and the Roman and Etruscan spas.
The Cavalcade spirit was perfectly captured with this year’s inaugural event, and future editions will continue to meet and exceed expectations.

Refinement and originality
Those taking part in the 2012 Cavalcade were also able to enjoy the support of some major partners keen to link their names to the first edition of the event. If a complex occasion like the Cavalcade is to succeed, it has to look for precious backing of partners who want to be involved. This is the key factor; wanting to be involved with excellent people in special moments.

At the head of Cavalcade 2012 was a longestablished, highly renowned manufacturer of fine fabrics, Vitali Barberis Canonico, which has been making textiles to dress select customers from all over the world for 300 years.

‘The 2013 Cavalcade will be planned around this very particularly Italian experience, but this time concentrated in Tuscany.’

A prerogative that Francesco Barberis Canonico, heir of the dynasty, together with his cousin Alessandro, decided to emphasise by offering participants a special suit-length of material exclusively woven for Ferrari. In addition, when the Ferrari owners toured Maranello they all saw that Vitali Barberis Canonico is also the supplier of the fabrics for the Tailor-made Ferrari project: an exquisite FF was on display in the showroom with seats in grey pinstripe, that demonstrated the strength of this collaboration.
Ceramica Serenissima placed two big plates in every room with the Cavalcade symbol and each participant’s competitor number, while Fay clothing and Web eyewear completed the look. Or rather, they contributed to the look. There was another little touch that turned out to be invaluable, owing to the heat and sun that accompanied the event: a chic Borsalino panama hat. This was a sign of the continuing partnership Borsalino enjoys with Ferrari in the Concours d’Élégance to celebrate the car company’s 60th anniversary. The hat maker extended its offer with a panama designed especially for women, a gesture that was particularly well received.

Published on The Official Ferrari Magazine 18 issue September 2012

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