Armchair drivers and real ones

Maybe it’s because my job means I spend my life at full throttle but I just can’t understand why so many people have such short memories

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It’s easy to sit there on the sofa, beer in hand, gabbing about the Ferrari single-seater and how it can’t and won’t deliver what Alonso needs. I’ve spent a lifetime in engines and what I remember of racing is what some of those people have clearly forgotten: the experiences of the big international car giants like Toyota, BMW and even Mercedes today, prove just how difficult Formula 1 is to get right. In fact, both Toyota and BMW eventually threw in the towel and gave up in frustration.

So how can anybody criticise a constructor whose driver is still in the running for the title two grands prix from the end of the season? Only one man can win but that’s the beauty of the sport. Watching that extraordinary race last Sunday was beautiful even though realising it would mean just three extra points did give me a bit of a headache.

But are three points small fry? Maybe if you consider that Fernando getting eliminated at Spa and Suzuka on the first bend cost us a lot more. Take it from me, if those two incidents hadn’t happened, Fernando would be well out in the lead. But that’s motor racing for you and people love Ferrari because it knows both how to win and how to lose. So let’s leave the armchair critics to their sofas, because we here in Maranello, keep the pistons going day and night.

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  • Nikola Loncar

    Yes, and only we, Ferrari, are fighting with soft drinks makers last couple of years. Forza Ferrari!!!

  • Aryton

    Good point and that’s what sport is about #ForzaFerrari

  • MacNish Christian

    So after the political nightmare they have landed themselves with this… Armchair drivers (fans like me and Joseph Conti, Ashish Parampill and Richmond Christian) and the
    real drivers… To me this is not a moment to shout out Forza Ferrari, how can i? a once great team is now covering it’s recent failings (every season since Jean Todt left starting from 2008 has been marred and accompanied by a slow car or a pit-lane strategy f**k up. Now we look back not with euphoria but with an emotion of what could have been?! The same emotion that has been evoked in this post – ‘If those two incidents wouldn’t have happened than…’
    I ask is this the Scuderia Ferrari that has won 16 Constructors championships and has contested every single Championship since 1950? As a young boy growing up in India and later England my best weekend moments were involving Schumacher’s Ferrari going toe to toe with the lightning quick Adrian Newey designed McLaren and beating them race after race after race… I love this sporting team, i admire this outfit and the spirit with which Schumacher fought in the Ferrari gave me inspiration to fight my battles just as vigorously in life. None of the 72 wins that Schumacher had with Ferrari were handed to him without competing every corner of every lap of every single one of those 72 ones. We gained strength from the victories attained in hardships, Spain 1996 was magical, Suzuka 2000 was a destiny fulfilled, Hungary 1998 was genius in the strategy… The periscopic gear bocks, the curved side-pods, the the shark fins and others were a sign of innovation and genius.
    So what happened? We went from a joke in the early 90s to mythically powerful in the late 90s to early 2000s and than we got cocky. We thought it was a god given right to win because those wins from 1996 to 2006 were god-given right? NO! How can we forget the passion, the zeal and the determination with which we fought?! The formula to success has never changed but the hands of the winners have because we are egotistical cocky bastards. Alonso has been nothing sort of magical and mythical this season! How has he done what he has done this season in a car that was so slow in the beginning and briefly became fastest and now once again we lack the soft-drinks company from Austria. The failures do not stem from the drivers but from the armchair racers of the pit-wall and the management in Maranello that shamed us by sporting a controversial flag in a nation where the controversy initiated. Well done! So now we make political statements, we allow blogs where the Tifosi is reduced to and disgraced to an arm chair racer and the team writes blogs such as these reminding how tough it is and then disgracefully compares itself to other teams.
    WE ARE FERRARI, WE HAVE NO EQUAL AND WE CANNOT BE COMPARED TO ANY OTHER TEAM BAR THE ONE IN SURREY, ENGLAND. Our victories have made us this great and quite honestly the pit-wall and strategy team needs to sort itself out. The amount of cock ups have been embarrassing and stop shaming your fans. We may not be in the cockpit of the Scuderia car but the man who stands second is and he isn’t complaining or blaming instead he vows to fight till the end and that inspires us the fans. SO how dare you criticize us who have emotionally, zealously and fanatically followed this red team like a religion.
    It was not easy in 1996, 97, 98 and when we started winning in 99, 00, 01, 02, 03, 04 and how about 05? Who can forget the one sham of a victory in the US GP and the distant 3rd we came in the constructors title that year? But we fought back, narrowly missed out in 06 but we won it in drama in 07 and then it happened. The man responsible for starting left – he being Jean Todt the last member of the Fantastic Four of Brawn, Byrne, Todt and Schumacher. They were winners and they made Ferrari into a myth it stands today, i do NOT remember excuses, i do not remember political shenanigans but i do remember the determined spirit with which we hunted those ahead of us until we made the top spot our home.
    So quit this bullshit of blaming us and telling us we have a short memory, we do not and we remember everything and the only thing we do not remember is these antics that Ferrari of today does. Get it together, the armchair fans who are rightfully called the Tifosi believe, hope and are yearning to win again with you in Maranello. Be winners not whiners like this article portrays us. Many will hate me for this message, but i love Ferrari just as much and i haven’t forgotten the Ethos and the Values this team stands for even though some inside Maranello have. Forza Ferrari, Forza Fernando!

  • Christina Kyprianou

    I completely agree! Ferrari is doing an amazing job and so is Alonso and Massa! Forza Ferrari!

  • Garry M

    The fans are still supporting Ferrari and are frustrated because the care. No need to be snide against your own fans.

    Do understand that many fans are merely reacting based on the things Ferrari’s personal have said to the media. Last year Domenicali have said many positive things after the team gave up on the season early to work on 2012′s car, things like this will be our last disappointing year. And then there’s this wind tunnel co-relation issues. This year is the second time the team say we’re having issues again. Not to mention the constant talk about updates only to have Alonso and Massa both saying that the car hasn’t really changed a lot because many of the updates didn’t work.

    So you see, the fans are not being armchair experts, they are just caught between the “CO-RELATION PROBLEM” that exist between what the team personal says and the end results.

    I appreciate the team’s effort to keep a positive front when engaging the media and the fans but there is a limit to it. Sometimes, its best to not say a lot and just let the results do the talking.

    Best wishes, may Alonso and Ferrari win the title this years.