Heads down, Maranello-style

I remember well how Enzo Ferrari used to criticise the Monday Morning Moaners who only ever looked back over what might have been while he and the team had to keep ploughing on. It’s just like now: first you hear “the Ferrari isn’t great”, then “it is great” and then “They should have changed the tyres earlier…”.

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Plus all the other things we here in Maranello have heard endless times before and which, if we actually bothered to read them all, would leave us no time for actual racing. That’s just how it is in Formula 1, so you have to put your head down and keep going. You can’t listen to anyone else, just trust in your own ability. Anyone, such as myself, that spends their life actually inside engines powering them along knows that. So well done to Stefano Domenicali, Pat Fry, Marmorini, Alonso and Massa who’ve given us back that great sense of pride we’d gotten so used to. I, for one, am content.

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