Focus on the 458 Italia

Mikael Jansson on board of his 458-Italia

A truly exceptional model catches the eye of one of the world’s most celebrated photographers – the 458 Italia poses for Mikael Jansson

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Fashion photographer Mikael Jansson began his career with Richard Avedon and has photographed all the most beautiful models on the planet for a host of high-profile campaigns. However, he was in Maranello recently for a very different reason: to collect his new 458 Italia. The stunningly elegant all-black beauty awaited him under a sleek red dustcover which was whipped off to reveal its flawless forms as Jansson put his camera to good use. “It’s extraordinarily harmonious,” declared the Scandinavian photographer who also owns an F350 and is such a huge fan of Formula that he even devoted his “Speed of Life” to the sport.

Needless to say Jansson wanted to test-drive his car on the spot and, despite being well aware of its power, was stunned by delicious rumble of its engine. An unexpected emotion which sadly can’t be captured on film but is still as distinctive a feature of the 458 Italia as its muscular forms.

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  • @ramadhan_irossoneri

    perfect engine and elegant model….