Ferrari’s secret ingredient? Perfection

Gordon Ramsey and the 458 Italia

The internationally renowned British Michelin-starred chef and culinary reality show presenter Gordon Ramsey comes to Ferrari to test out Italy’s finest cars and cuisine

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Gordon Ramsey is used to winning in the kitchen. His passion is an art for the lucky few. Here in Maranello, however, he found himself confronted with a different kind of talent, the Prancing Horse’s inimitable Made in Italy perfection.

First, however, he wanted to try out Italy’s cuisine.
The chefs in the company restaurant Il Podio were all on tenterhooks waiting for him to arrive. And when he did, they offered him a choice of the primi (first courses) of the day which included classic tagliatelle alla bolognese. Ramsay chewed a few forkfuls, sat in silence for a couple of seconds before pronouncing his lunch “delicious!”, passing Ferrari’s company chefs with flying colours.
After some applause, sighs of relief and handshakes, the chefs went back to work with smiles on their faces while Mr Ramsay continued his tour with a visit to the Tailor Made and Atelier areas. He then discovered that sitting down to fine cooking isn’t the only way to crank up the emotions here in Italy – getting out on the track behind the wheel of a real Ferrari works too.
The first course of adrenaline was served up to the chef by a “fantastic, sexy car” as he really floored it alongside test-driver Raffaele de Simone in the new F12berlinetta. But despite having pushed its 740 horse power to the limit, Ramsay was still gunning for more and wanted to test-drive the 458 Italia as well.

A man well familiar with perfection in the kitchen, a delighted Gordon Ramsey admitted he got a first-hand introduction to the excellence of Italian craftsmanship at Ferrari: “From the second you get into the car – and the company – to the second you leave, you just have one word in your brain: perfect. I mean 100% perfection. It truly is incredible. And passion. There is passion in every corner of Ferrari and in all of its employees too: from the hand-stitched leather in the interiors to the engine assembly and the extraordinary test-drivers.”

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