“Look good, feel good, play great”: a precision swing at Maranello

Ian Poulter with his FF

He’s British, a champion golfer and he loves Ferraris: Ian Poulter makes his first visit to Maranello. Check out the December issue of The Official Ferrari Magazine for an exclusive interview

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Golfers would argue that golf isn’t a precision game, it quite simply is precision, and that same definition could well be applied to how Ferrari creates its cars.
Who better then than Ian Poulter, the world’s most famous golfer, to confirm our theory?
Renowned for his uniquely extravagant style, Ian is also known for his “Look good, feel good, play great” motto which he applies to every area of his life, not just on the golf course. This may just be why his favourite car also happens to be the FF, a very unusual Ferrari that stirs up truly unique and exceptional emotions in anyone that sees or drives it.

Attention to detail is an essential part of winning any game. Little surprise therefore that Poulter spent quite some time mulling over our exclusive personalisation programme in the Tailor-Made area to ensure he added a final, inimitable touch of style to his latest Ferrari.

The golfer’s connection with Ferrari doesn’t end with his incredible passion for our cars, however – he has also worked with Cobra Puma Golf on designing the Ferrari Golf Collection Driver. “We did a lot of fine detail work there too,” he recalls. “Everything from choosing materials, such as carbon-fibre and leather for the grip, to styling and performance.”
Precision balanced out with a good dose of originality make Ferraris the dream cars for athletes as discerning as Ian Poulter.

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