Bob Sinclar rocks to the Ferrari sound

Bob Sinclar in Maranello with his 458 Spider

The world famous DJ and music producer takes a break from his 2012 tour, to visit Maranello and give his new 458 Spider a shakedown

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His creative mixes of classic hits make him a huge hit on the world’s most famous dance floors and draw massive crowds to his live shows, but this time, Bob Sinclar himself was the audience at a show of Ferrari power and might.

The DJ and music producer was in Maranello to test-drive his new 458 Spider. A long-time Prancing Horse enthusiast, Sinclar knew he would be greeted by a truly fascinating car that delivered extraordinary power and performance.
However, when he took delivery of the Spider, the Frenchman reiterated his passion for Ferraris declaring they deliver a huge emotional impact even when they’re standing still because of the incredibly physicality of their styling.

After touring the production areas where he was greeted with applause and stopped to sign autographs and exchange a few jokes with the workers, the DJ finally sat into his eagerly-awaited 458 Spider.
There followed a great show indeed with the Fiorano Circuit providing a fitting backdrop as the Spider took centre stage and Bob Sinclar listened spellbound to its exhilarating engine soundtrack and thrilling rhythms and vibrations. All, naturally, as tuneful as any well-composed piece of music.

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  • Steven

    I love Bob Sinclar, and I love Ferrari!