Pistunzen the cub reporter

He interviews Alonso at the press conference in Mugello!

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I did it! I asked Fernando Alonso a question at the drivers’ press conference during the Ferrari Passion Day at Mugello!
Take a look at the photos and you’ll see me there, poking my head out from under Antonio Ghini’s jacket. I asked Fernando what if any difference there is between the various F1 engines of today given that one dominates in every race. Initially, I was a bit disappointed by his answer: he told me that the engines are all now more or less on the same level and make no real difference. He said that different engines winning in different race conditions really depends on other factors. That was a bit of a harsh blow to a poor old Pistunzen, I can tell you.

But then he added what I was hoping to hear: he said that if there were no regulatory limits, they’d make the best engines here in Maranello! And he is so right! So many generations of my family have brought victories back to Maranello and I’m only too ready to continue that tradition!

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