Excellence unites Italy and The United Kingdom

Ferrari with the Carabinieri’s 4th Mounted Calvary Regiment

Ferrari to pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth II with its own regal cars

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When excellence involved, Ferrari will always be there.
Prancing Horse collectors and clients have been invited to parade their cars through the splendid grounds of Windsor Castle as part of the celebrations for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s Jubilee.
The cars in question will not only come from the current range but will include some of the most stunning models ever built in Maranello in the past.

The event in question is one of the most exclusive and eagerly awaited by the British public. The Diamond Jubilee Pageant, which takes place between May 10th and 13th, celebrates 60 years of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s reign.
Another symbol of Italian excellence will also be performing at the Pageant, however.
We are all aware that the Queen is a passionate horse lover and for this reason around 550 thoroughbreds, some Italian, will be making their way to the event.

Ferrari was eager that the Carabinieri’s 4th Mounted Calvary Regiment also attend to perform its legendary Carosello Storico exhibition, thereby making Italy’s participation in this unique event even more special.
The Carosello Storico is a spectacular display of skill by both horses and riders who complete complex yet incredibly smooth, flowing quadrilles to music in the equivalent of equine ballet, culminating in an exciting final charge.
Both Ferrari and the Carabinieri are founded on a deep respect for tradition and history, determination, innovation and passion, resulting in the perfect partnership to represent Italy in this homage to one of the most important figures of our time.

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