The world press gets its hands on the new Ferrari California

Ferrari California 2012

After the model’s huge success with the public, Ferrari now welcomes the world media to Maranello to test-drive the very special 2012 version of its spider- coupé

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In 2008, Ferrari unveiled its first mid-front V8 sports car which it dubbed innovative, sporty and versatile.
In the intervening three years, the Ferrari California has become the public’s favourite car, garnering a massive 70% of our new clients who also clock up 30% higher mileage than owners of our other models.

Those impressive figures have attracted the attention of the world press and media. culminating a very special get-together at Maranello on April 11th 2012.
A get-together that included a track test-drive of the new Ferrari California whose engine power has been boosted by 30 CV to 490, and whose chassis has been lighted by 30 kg. The motoring journalists that test-drove it pushed the new California to the very limit of its performance capabilities which now include blistering 0-100 km/h acceleration in just 3.8 seconds.

The California’s superior versatility lies in part in its personalisation: owners can now opt for a more dynamic yet still not overtly extreme driving experience thanks to the optional Handling Speciale package which includes modifications to the car’s running gear and set-up resulting in less body roll and prompter response to commands.

But that is far from the end of the story: its excellent performance aside, the Ferrari California 2012 can also now be clothed in a new array of livery colours. After lengthy research, the Ferrari Style Centre has created a series of new two-tone, three-layer and historic paintworks for the car.

The new Ferrari California 2012 offers public and experts alike advanced technologies that make it more exclusive than ever and can be personalised to a degree that makes each car absolutely unique.

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    Ha il muso che sembra quello della SA aperta!

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    dream car….

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