Opening the doors to a new generation of V12s: the F12berlinetta unveiled

F12berlinetta - Front 3/4 view

The most high performance Ferrari ever is unveiled online in the run-up to its official debut at Geneva

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“I am very proud to be presenting our latest creation, the product of a huge amount of work, passion and our collaborations with our finest technological partners worldwide”.

Warm words of welcome indeed from Chairman Luca di Montezemolo on February 29th for the F12berlinetta which ushers in a whole new generation of Ferrari 12-cylinders.
The new car has been well worth the wait, delivering unprecedented performance and a striking new design that is both classic and innovative at once.
It had already been announced that the new arrival would hail a revolution in the Ferrari V12 range, and the F12berlintetta does mark a genuine break with the past. It has an extraordinarily efficient powertrain courtesy of running gear, architecture and components that ensure its 740 hp are exploited to the last.
In fact, after putting the car through its paces at Fiorano, Felipe Massa admiringly described the engine as “mean”. Alonso, on the other hand, was pleasantly surprised at the F12berlinetta’s soundtrack: “Ferraris are famous for their power, beauty and soundtrack which is sexy just to listen to.”
The result? The exhilarating driving experience delivered by every Ferrari combined with absolutely unprecedented performance.

This takes us to the F12berlinetta’s chassis which was meticulously honed and constructed by the Scaglietti Centre of Excellence. Aluminium is the star of that particular show with no less than 12 different alloys used to create a completely new bodyshell. A combination of new assembly technologies have also slimmed down its weight by 70 kg compared to that of the previous V12 coupé and boosted structural rigidity.
As Montezemolo described it, the F12berlinetta is “rigid and thus safe, compact, but very light”. It’s also faster into the bargain, sprinting from 0-100 km/h in 3.1 seconds, 0-200 km/h in 8.5. What this translates to in practical terms is a lap of Fiorano in just 1’23’’. That’s a record time but, to quote Massa, “there’s never any loss of control”.

“A very beautiful car brimming with personality and innovative design”

The F12berlinetta is extraordinarily aerodynamically efficient too. Lengthy testing in the Wind Tunnel has honed the structure that inspired its design, the fruit of a collaboration between the Ferrari Style Centre and Pininfarina. The car’s clean forms are the product of a seamless marriage of superlative aerodynamic efficiency and elegantly balanced proportions.
The latest addition to the Prancing Horse range truly is “a very beautiful car brimming with personality and innovative design” as Montezemolo summed up the move away from the classic front-engined berlinetta idea of beauty which has been given an original, very modern twist in the F12berlinetta whilst still retaining a touch of the inimitable Ferrari tradition. The result is aggressive yet sleek lines clothing a compact exterior and rounded flanks. A design so unusual it also affords exceptional cabin space and comfort, thanks in part also to new technologies and sophisticated handcrafted detailing.

An exhilarating driving experience is guaranteed aboard the F12berlinetta, the fruit of creativity and tradition focused on new generation technological innovation.

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  • nilofar

    i love it how can i have one?d:))

  • Alireza yousefi

    wow its very beautiful.i love it i want to have one but i am poor

  • ThePursoot

    This is a thing of beauty. Its soundtrack is insane

  • Peggy Yee

    Awesome. i like it, just wonder how is the maintenance will cost every year?

  • Hasanuddin Abdul Hamid

     A definite “must have”!

  • ramin P.

    i love it :****

  • Thomjon Patogar

    awesome car, someday, i will buy Ferrari F 12

  • Patrick Durity

    Is Ferrari going to produce an F12Spider?

  • Gabriel Garrett


  • Anonymous

    I’m hoping Jos. A Bank will be allowed to sell them:  “Buy one at regular price, and get six more–ABSOLUTELY FREE!”

  • P.A

    F12, Stunningly Superb.

    Another Masterpiece, From Ferrari.

    This Is ‘Engineering Perfection’, Once Again!!!

    Immense Pleasure That Is Only Provided By Ferrari, To ‘Everyone’, and All.

    Though Many Of Us Do Not Have The Funds / Money, Available To Buy A Ferrari, We Dream That ‘Someday’ We May.  This Dream, Keeps The Ferrari ‘Spirit’ Alive In All Of Us.  

    My Only Wish Is That Ferrari, Sold Their Cars To ‘Genuine Buyers’.

    Too Many Dealers, Are Always The First To Have These Cars For Sale, At A Premium of £60,000 Plus…..Disgusting, Once Again…

  • metallhd

    Lovely, just lovely . . . Watch the trailer, it’s about as close as most might get to the real thing, simply awesome :) Turn up the volume!

  • DrFly

    Does not matter if you are poor !
    I saw an ad in Sunday Baltimore Sunpaper (rare-Ferrari doesn’t have to advertise). I was in High School living in a ghetto. Hard work-College and several jobs later (saving money) I could tell the dealer “NO BANK LOAN I’LL PAY CASH” ! All of you CAN do it.
    P.S. I still have the original ad.