They can simulate anything – but me!

They are a few stalwarts left in this age of simulation. And Pistunzen is one

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They are a few stalwarts left in this age of simulation. And Pistunzen is one

Just take a look at the cars of today and compare them with automobiles built 50 years ago: they’re completely different on every level. In fact, the only thing that no one has dared changed are the pistons! That said, we too are subject to the whims of fashion: we’re shorter and a slightly different shape, but a good Pistunzen is still a good Pistunzen no matter what decade you look at. Of course, nowadays they put us through our paces in the gym too: by that I mean those super-sophisticated simulators they use to hone us. They use them to make the other parts of the car do super-human stuff too. Once upon a time, everyone was satisfied with the old spark plugs that one gave off one lovely spark at a time. Now they have to produce three per combustion. I thought they were looking very worn out lately because of all that action. The same goes for the valves – they were allowed to complain a bit in the past and give us a few good whacks on the head. Now though, they’re as meek as lambs – controlled by the car’s electronics which change their structure without a word of warning just to please the driver. Against the backdrop of all this progress though, Pistunzen and his brothers are stalwarts of tradition. A tradition that’s looking forward, not backward, needless to say.

So don’t get any ideas that we’ll be allowing those silent motors with their electrical coils to put us out of a job anytime soon!

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