Fifty Ferrari red candles for Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant and Chairman Luca di Montezemolo

Hugh Grant, one of the most charming men on the planet, himself fell under the spell of our “beautiful cars”. A birthday gift to him from Ferrari.

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The English actor arrived in Maranello on September 10th intent on celebrating his 50th birthday by making his lifelong dream of driving a Ferrari come true. Or, as he put himself, with his usual self-deprecating irony: “I had the opportunity to drive your GTO on the track. I adore the rumble of the engine. But the sound of the gears shifting up is fantastic too. Wonderful. I adore beautiful cars, beautiful women – with whom I’ve been lucky enough to work – and cats. All three hold the same fascination for me. Luckily, only the women reciprocate. Even though I have to say that lately cats have been….”

A passion for beautiful women goes hand in hand with a passion for beautiful cars. But while the Four Weddings star;s skills with the ladies are well-known, what does he think of the car world? Grant turns back to the clock to his first years as a driver and jokingly confesses that he wasn’t particularly keen on his first car: “a pathetic and very unsporty Citroen Dyane”. Of course, cars were very different 40 years ago, but we’ll never know if he’d have felt the same about a Ferrari of the day….

However, he did give us his opinion on passion and talent and the mix they make.
Is a highly successful career like his own the result of hard work and focus, very much as happens in Ferrari or does one need a bit of good luck to go down in the history books too? “Talent, good luck, opportunity: I believe you need all three of the aforementioned. Definitely talent, but you also need a bit of luck. Of course, hard work, unfashionable though it may be, is also necessary.”

And so Hugh Grant enjoyed a thoroughly luxurious birthday in Maranello, surrounded by a whole fleet of “beautiful cars”. Just the way he likes it.

Published on September 2010

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  • Ed Lindell

    He’s a good sport and not the least bit stuck-up !

  • Brian Wieber

    You should have got him a black hooker to go with those fine cars.