The Official Ferrari Magazine was launched in May 2008 as a quarterly publication. Beautifully written and laid out, it brims with intriguing articles and fascinating features. Editor-in-chief Antonio Ghini and editorial coordinator Stefania Guidi are based in Maranello and work closely with Jason Barlow’s team of writers, layout artists and photo editors at Condé Nast in London on its content. The first three issues of the Magazine each year normally consists of 180 large-format pages, but the final one is boosted to 280 pages as it is seen as continuing the long-standing Ferrari Yearbook tradition.
To reveal as much as possible about the most exclusive and interesting aspects of the international world of Ferrari, we have also published much of the Magazine’s content on the web, sometimes exactly as it appears in print, others reworked and updated. The world of Ferrari truly is international as the marque has been using its racing success and uniquely exclusive cars to reach out from Maranello to the rest of the world since its foundation in 1947. This approach has attracted not only millions of devoted tifosi, but also a host of high profile clients and other individuals from a wide variety of sectors, to brand. All share a fascination for Ferrari’s history and its achievements. They are, however, also keen to experience the company as it is today and will be tomorrow. This is exactly what we are aiming to make happen with your help. We would be delighted to receive your suggestions, ideas, photographs and documents. We’ll examine them carefully and, if they’re deemed suitable, we may even use them in the Magazine. So, let’s enjoy this exciting journey – together!”