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A view of the Panini car collection

Californian Italians

Between Modena, Cognento, Fiorano and Maranello, you can find a certain creative energy that is not so different from the US state that pulls the world along towards the new. Matteo Panini and Alessandra Cagliari are an example of how passion, commitment and success combined can open wide the windows on the world

American Spirit


Ferrari’s relationship with the US has continued to grow ever since the first Maranello model landed stateside 60 years ago. We tell the story of gentlemen racing drivers, spirited team privateers and faithful tifosi, who nourish American appetites for the Prancing Horse to this day

250 Pininfarina Speciale

Pleasure beach

California has a special passion for beautiful cars, and the August week, which is held in Monterey every year and culminates with the famous Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, is an unmissable event. Ferrari models have been part of the event since the very beginning, both with GT cars and with the rarest racing models


Introducing the California T

With its refined elegance and Formula One-inspired turbocharged engine, the new California T reinforces the quality of the aspirated Ferrari engines, while delivering the same sound, progressive torque, 560hp and a remarkable reduction in emissions and consumption. The California T is the perfect model for those who like a gutsy Berlinetta, faithful to the Prancing Horse tradition and, at the same time, an exciting Spider to be used for the sheer pleasure of driving


The Ferrari Guide: Turin

The former capital of the Kingdom of Italy, Turin has always had an aristocratic, slightly reserved air. It remains the capital of the Italian motor car, home to Fiat and the Agnellis, along with the Bertone, Pininfarina and Giugiaro families, and other celebrated craftsmen and car specialists. With its regal history providing a backdrop, Turin always looks to the future, with its busy cultural centre, devoted to design and contemporary art. We present the best of this intriguing city
Words Silvia Frau Photography Gabriela Noris

Original and unique

Original and unique

An increasing number of clients are seeking the expert advice of the specialists of the Tailor-made programme at Maranello, each one with something different in mind. Over the following pages we present some examples of what can be achieved, from Paolo Pininfarina, who realised an FF in line with the tastes of his father Sergio, to those who wanted to re-create the classic models of Ferrari’s past, with original racing insignia, materials and colours. When it comes to personalising your own car, there really are no limits

Backyard rockets

Backyard rockets

Hugely popular in the 1950s and 1960s, racing model cars with working combustion engines are still much loved by motorsport enthusiasts. All you need is an outdoor space and a pole for the cars to spin around at speeds of up to 300 km/h. One of the world’s greatest experts in this field tells us why there has been an upswing in interest in miniature models

Guarantee of value

Guarantee of value

With the value of Ferrari classic cars ever increasing, the Ferrari Classiche department at Maranello carries out a fundamental task: certifying authenticity. And, if requested, it will also guarantee faithful restoration of the original model